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serving platter in lemon $44.00

Russel Wright Residential

Russel Wright’s method of design came from the belief that the table was the center of the home. Designing in layers from there outwards, he created tableware to larger furniture, architecture to landscaping, all according to his concept of easy, informal living. It was through his immensely popular and widely distributed housewares and furnishings that he revolutionized the way Americans lived and organized their homes in the mid-20th century.

The original Residential collection was introduced in 1953 as Russel’s first melamine dinnerware for domestic use. It won the Good Design Award from the Museum of Modern Art and went on to become the best-selling melamine dinnerware in the country. 

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Visit Manitoga

According to his daughter, Annie, Russel would use the Residential Collection when entertaining at Manitoga, the name he gave to the site of his home and studio in upstate New York.

In 1942, he purchased this 75-acre property at the site of an abandoned quarry. Over the next three decades, he diverted streams, moved rocks, thinned trees, and opened up vistas of
the river and surrounding mountains.

Before his death, Wright opened Manitoga to the public.